May 30, 2024

World Creativity and Innovation Day: let’s celebrate human potential for a better world

“Wouldn’t it be great if people knew how to use their natural ability to generate new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions and achieve new outcomes, to make the world a better place and to make their place in the world better too?”

These are the words of Marci Segal, Canadian writer and researcher who created the World Creativity and Innovation Day with the aim to recognize the important contributions that creativity and innovation make for all of us, for our lives, for our education and our work.
Founded in 2001 in Toronto, Canada, it is celebrated every year on April 21, a date chosen by the UN, the organization that officially recognized it in 2017. But it is not a casual date, as it is celebrated the day before World Earth Day which occurs on April 22nd and six days after the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, considered a universal talent of the Renaissance, born on April 15th 1452 near Florence.

On this day we celebrate and remember the importance of creativity and innovation, with the aim of encouraging creative thinking, producing new ideas and exploring new and different solutions especially for environmental issues, encouraging the development of projects and initiatives using imagination and curiosity that have always been part of the nature of the human being.

In fact, innovation and creativity should be one of the main cultural and economic strategies for the growth and development of all countries, with their enormous economic and social potential and with an eye to an increasingly sustainable future and an ever more respected planet.

But innovation and creativity, which also include technological innovation, the world of research as well as the many art manifestations and the many new forms of communication, constitute two new challenges also for the world of education and training: creativity is an innate potential in all of us and must be encouraged as a real transversal competence to be supported even at school.

Enhancing and promoting the creative and innovative potential of students is a fundamental step, thanks to the help given by new digital technologies, which have now become essential: they are essential both for students – since they can be followed and guided to reach full and healthy development of their education and personality – and for teachers so that a quality education can keep pace with digital transformation and the acquisition of skills and knowledge through learning processes and innovative methods in a broader and more complete perspective.

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