May 30, 2024

Life in Rimini: do you know “dolce vita”?

The blue power of Adriatic and seasons’ whirl: living in Rimini is an echo of dolce vita. Here, we open up the gates of Queen Riviera.

If in the past years the collective imagination of living in Rimini was a synonym for summer, clubs by the sea and eating piadina round-the-clock, this city has now corroborated its dolce vita aura with activities, experiences, and things to discover in every season. 

Actually, Riminese revolution does not end up in its old town and traditions. Rimini scents from Valconca and Valmarecchia, two valleys, where the city dwells, and tenderly push it closer to the sea.

Speaking of Rimini, you can notice something extraordinary: some people could reveal every secret of this city, some others live there every day and people who, for years, had its frame during their holidays. Some of them where children when they came for the first time and to Rimini are linked the best memories of their summery yellowish and snoozing childhood, playing with balls and swimming with armbands. Others linked to Rimini their very first holiday as teenager, so freedom and first dances under the stars. Other people came back to Rimini with their children, and gave them peaceful memories of their favourite spot. 

Rimini opens and closes circles of life, because it is able to reborn in the hearts of those who discover it.

That’s why its welcome is unforgettable.

How is the less conventional city life in Rimini, which does not include clubs and crowded beaches during August?

Amarcord Rimini

Do you know the amarcord face of Rimini? Because living in this city means entering and exiting from cinematographic atmosphere inspirated by Fellini’s masterpieces and from a 2000 years old history surrounded by the Malatestiano Temple.

This carefree city, full of long day under beach umbrellas, is not the only one to discover: living Rimini as a student means grasp opportunities even when the sun is setting and the summer is over to let the autumn and winter appear. If no one thinks to live in Rimini in other season than summer, the truth is that this corner of Emilia Romagna won a prestigious place in the category of places to live, so studying here is a real opportunity. 

So, the sea becomes a gift to enjoy more than once per year.

Living and working in Rimini and… its outskirts

And if the sea is not enough? We can leave the Riviera and go outside the city. Other than Rimini, tastes, flavours and beauties await in Valconca and Valmarecchia, valleys and hills in which traditional food and nature are melting. Here you are far away from the international spirit, in order to discover true essential fundamentals of the old Romagnola culture that are still alive in meals and drinks.

Moreover, hamlets, vineyards and historical palaces will make you forget -for a short time- the call of the sea. Places to enjoy mostly in autumn and spring when plants change their colours. 

Hamlets in Valconca- among them Montescudo, Montefiore Conca and Mondaino- with its impregnable fortress- are on the edge of past and present.

In Saludecio– murals tell stories of people and places with century old artistic techniques. In San Clemente, Montecolombo and Coriano the red wine is a true talent. Moreover, Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello frames Pennabilli with its castle under and above cliff (Billi and Penna).

This trip ends (or starts) in Sant’Agata Feltria, place of white truffle and short stories.

But the true revolution in Rimini has got two wheels and it is called…

Bicycles: Rimini spirit

Living in Rimini means also enjoy your day cycling. Ride a bike for Riminesi is a natural need. After years, this habit has been spread among tourists that more often choose bike hotel to get some rest after cycling through historical hamlets of Rimini. Bikes and walks are a way to live in Rimini starting from its old town. The urban trekking, here, among Federico Fellini’s legacy ends up in San Leo, that for years is facing the sea on a cliff, leaving viewers breathless. 

Speaking of breathless experience, you can pop by the Castle of Montebello, in order to heard the voice of the young Azzurrina’s ghost, a shiver to feel.

And the sea? We did not forget it, because going for a stroll or jogging by the sea even during sunny winter days is a luxury, if you choose to live, work and study in Rimini. The Parco del Mare is the perfect place for outdoor sports, with the city background and swinging by the waves’ sound. 

Rimini around us

If you are wondering whether in Rimini there is Europe’s spirit, the answer is Yes, because here students from all around the continent can feel themselves at home, nonetheless they are surrounded by embedded traditions.

Every day, we live between Europe and Riviera Romagnola, breathing projects and willing to improve ourselves, starting from our work in the agency.

And our trip keeps going…

in Rimini
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